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What is the Value of Our Church's Existing Pipe Organ?


In ordinary parlance, value often refers to monetary worth. Indeed, even an aging pipe organ in disrepair is often the single largest asset of a church.

However, good stewardship regarding a pipe organ requires thinking of all aspects of value. One reason fund raising for pipe organs so often exceeds expectations (See Fund Raising) is that congregations of all denominations readily appreciate the more spiritual and intangible aspects of pipe organ value. The majesty of the instrument expresses desires to glorify and worship God with the very best. The unparalleled ability of an authentic pipe organ to lead singing gives it value in helping build the cohesiveness of a congregation. (See How Do Pipe Organs Make Music.)

Though not always greater, the monetary worth of a pipe organ is easier to quantify than that of an electronic organ. The pipes of an organ rarely lose their value. With few exceptions, pipes can be revoiced after decades of use for a fraction of their original cost or the cost of new pipes. Similarly, the chests, console, casework, and structural elements of a pipe organ retain their value. Like antique furniture, a well-maintained pipe organ can appreciate in monetary value as it ages.

This makes rebuilding an aging pipe organ desirable because it allows your church to preserve an asset with relatively less financial outlay than replacing it. Rebuilding costs are especially minimal when the bulk of the rehab involves simply installing or upgrading the internal electric controls of the pipe organ. ( See Features of a Modern Pipe Organ.)

In contrast to the lasting value of a pipe organ, electronic organs usually depreciate rapidly and are of minimal value after a decade or so. (See Pipe Organs vs. Electronic Organs.)

Hundreds of qualified organ consultants and builders in North America can assist your church in evaluating the monetary value of your pipe organ. (See Directory of Organ Builders.) Making this determination is an important first step toward rebuilding a pipe organ. (See How Do We Get Our Church Organ Rebuilt?)

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