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Fund Raising

It does not take a lottery-like windfall of funds to rebuild your church's pipe organ. An estimated 85% of funds to rebuild existing pipe organs or purchase new ones come from smaller donations. Across the land, and across denominations, churches have shown time and again that organs inspire generosity and participation that exceed the original expectations of organ committee members. Organ committees recount these success stories and tips on fund raising for organ rebuilding projects:

  • Immanuel Lutheran Church, Pflugerville, Texas had planned to apply for grants to cover the costs of rebuilding their pipe organ, but found that most funds were collected through a few appeals to the congregation.

  • First Baptist Congregational Church, Chicago, Illinois finds that some of the strongest supporters of their ongoing rebuild projects are members on fixed incomes. The "Adopt-A-Pipe" tactic gave donors adoption certificates for their chosen pipe and regular reports on the progress of that pipe during the rebuilding project.

  • Palos Park Presbyterian Community Church, Palos Park, Illinois asked congregants to help dismantle their organ under the direction of their organbuilder such that it could be shipped out for rebuilding. They had not counted on winter weather in May, nor had they imagined that dozens of volunteers would nonetheless labor nonstop until the job was done, saving a significant expense. A generous donation from a local corporation helped fund the project, and the organ is now a powerful part of the church's program of outreach to the community.

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