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Crievewood Baptist Church Pipe Organ, Nashville, TN

Crievewood Baptist Church's efforts to rebuild their historic pipe organ has been selected for showcase on the World Wide Web. Peterson Electro-Musical Products, Inc., sponsor of this web site, hopes that the example set by the Crievewood Baptist Church will provide a how-to guide for other churches engaged in the effort to preserve the rich tradition of liturgical pipe organ music.

The pipe organ at Crievewood Baptist Church was originally installed in 1957 at the First Presbyterian Church in Nashville. It was then purchased and relocated in 1972 to Crievewood Baptist Church. The organ was originally made by Casavant, a name well known to organists world-wide

The Milnar Organ Company of Eagleville, TN, enlarged and updated the organ this year. It is now equipped with state-of-the-art electronic controls. A new rank of exposed 16' pipes was also added to the instrument. These enhancements will enable the organ to provide its congregation with the richness of traditional pipe organ music.

Joyce Byrd, organist at Crievewood Baptist Church explains, "The recent organ renovations have made tremendous differences not only in the mechanics of playing but also in their balance of sound. Members from the congregation are regularly making comments on how rich and full it sounds. The memory system has been a delight, and movement away from the old pneumatic system had brought a quieter and more confident piston control that has been wonderful. It has been a boost to congregational singing, and I believe the congregation is quite proud to have preserved this great instrument of worship."

The web site (www.pipeorgans.com) that is showcasing Crievewood Baptist Church is sponsored by Peterson to help churches manage aging pipe organs. Scott Peterson, President of Peterson Electro-Musical Products explains, "The congregation of Crievewood Baptist Church is providing an excellent example of how good stewardship of church resources can enrich the spiritual life of a community. Pipe organs have played an integral role in church music for centuries. Like Crievewood Baptist, every year hundreds of congregations choose to have the pipe organs that have served them for decades rebuilt and upgraded."

Milnar Pipe Organ Company of Eagleville, Tennessee has been restoring, rebuilding and maintaining authentic pipe organs since its establishment in 1968.

Peterson Electro-Musical Products, Inc. of Alsip, Illinois is known worldwide as the inventor of many solid state and microprocessor-based control mechanisms for pipe organs. Peterson invests more in R&D to enhance the way pipe organs are built than any other company in the world and currently is sponsoring a campaign to help preserve pipe organs in churches across North America.

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